March 17, 2020

Emergency Evacuation Maps and Your Church

Emergency Evacuation Maps and Your Church Given the current cultural environment, many churches have begun to implement safety and security processes to assist members and guests. […]
October 28, 2019

Managing Church members: 7 Reasons To Go Fully Digital

Thinking about using digital tools in your church management processes? Learn more about the major benefits this can have for your congregants and your team from […]
July 26, 2019

Four Benefits of church facility Evacuation Maps

The evacuation map illustrated here is from Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, DC. This is a project that 3:5-6 Maps completed in the summer of […]
February 13, 2019

The Luke Church

The Luke Church of Humble, TX recently asked that 3:5-6 Maps create professional floor maps as well as emergency evacuation maps for their expanded facilities. 3:5-6 […]