Five Benefits Of Church Wayfinding

The Four Primary Wayfinding Types
May 12, 2017

Five Benefits Of Church Wayfinding

Every day, more and more church staffs recognize the benefits of way-finding, or mapping, to the work of spreading the gospel. Consider the following five benefits when you explore adding or updating digital and physical maps at your church.

1. Expand Outreach Potential
Technology drives much of our society. Many of those who are considering visiting a new church will do so through the open window of your web site. Concise and easy to read directions on everything from where to park to the children’s check-in tells potential visitors that your church understands their concerns and is taking steps to meet them.

2. Improve Ministry Image
As with any organization, a church has an image and that image begins at the front door, and the front door is, more often than not, your web site. The initial visit to your front door should include a number of specifics, such as location, service times, etc. A campus map is an integral aspect of your church image and can increase the interest of potential visitors to make the time to come to your campus.

3. Ease Visitor Anxiety
Visiting a totally new and unknown place is always a stressful event. When that unknown place is a church where everyone is a stranger and the etiquette is a bit cloudy creates even more anxiety. Visually knowing where to park, what entrance to use, where specific ministries (like a Sunday School class, for example) are located and which of the large building is actually the sanctuary goes a long way in aiding familiarity and confidence in moving about and finding the right destination.

4. Aid Special Events Visitors
Many churches host a variety of events during a given week. These range from conferences, community group meetings, weddings and any number of other events. Just knowing where to park to enter through the right doors is a challenge for those who are unfamiliar with your facilities.

5. Improve Safety/Security
Fire evacuation maps are a vital aspect of any structure and certainly no less so for a church building. Additionally, the work of first responders is greatly enhanced when clear and effective maps are available during an emergency.

As you review  way-finding solutions, consider these simple points and how they apply to your church and any upgrade that may be needed.

In His service,

Michael Sawyer

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